/bæt / (say bat)

1. Sport
a. the club used in certain games, as cricket and baseball, to strike the ball.
b. a racquet, especially one used in table tennis.
2. the right or turn to bat.
3. Cricket a player who bats: he is a good bat.
4. a heavy stick, club, or cudgel.
5. Colloquial a blow as with a bat.
6. any fragment of brick or hardened clay.
7. kip2.
8. a thin flat piece of wood with a handle used for beating flat or tenderising meat such as cutlets.
9. Colloquial rate of motion: to go at a fair bat.
10. Colloquial a spree; binge: to go on a bat.
11. batt1.
12. a small length of thin wood used as an inner support for a confection: an ice-cream bat.
13. a rectangular-shaped ice-cream on a bat.
verb (batted, batting)
verb (t)
14. to strike or hit with or as with a bat or club.
verb (i)
15. Colloquial to rush (away, around, etc.).
16. Cricket, etc.
a. to strike at the ball with the bat.
b. to take one's turn at batting.
17. bat along, to travel at speed.
18. bat for the other side (or team), Colloquial
a. to switch sides in a debate or argument.
b. (from a heterosexual perspective) to be homosexual.
c. (from a homosexual perspective) to be heterosexual.
19. bat on, to continue; persevere.
20. bat up the order, Baseball, Cricket to go to bat earlier than in the designated order.
21. carry one's bat,
a. Cricket to continue batting undismissed to the end of an innings.
b. Colloquial to accomplish any difficult, lengthy, or dangerous task.
22. (go in to) bat for, to take action in support of: I'm glad you're going in to bat for me.
23. off one's own bat, independently; without prompting or assistance. {Phrase Origin: from cricket, with reference to a score made off the bat, as opposed to byes, wides, etc.}
{Middle English batte, Old English batt cudgel}
/bæt / (say bat)

1. any of the nocturnal or crepuscular flying mammals constituting the order Chiroptera, characterised by modified forelimbs which serve as wings and are covered with a membranous skin extending to the hind limbs.
2. Colloquialold bat.
phrase Colloquial
3. blind as a bat, very blind.
4. have bats in the belfry, to have mad notions; be crazy or peculiar. {Phrase Origin: ? from colloquial use of belfry to mean `head'; ? alliterative likening of the confused behaviour of a person to the panicked flight of bats from a church tower when disturbed by the ringing of the bells}
5. like a bat out of hell, at speed; quickly.
{variant of Middle English bakke, from Scandinavian; compare Danish -bakke}
/bæt / (say bat)

verb (t) (batted, batting)
1. to wink or flutter (one's eyelids).
2. not bat an eye (or eyelid), to show no emotion or surprise.
{variant of bate (of a hawk) to flutter its wings in fear or anger, from Middle English baten, from Middle French (se) batre, ultimately from Latin battuere to beat}
/bæt / (say bat)

phrase sling the bat, World War I Colloquial
to speak a foreign language.
{Anglo-Indian military slang, from Hindi bat speak, language, word}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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